Daye Jack – “Save My Soul”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2015

We’re three weeks away from the release of Daye Jack’s Soul Glitch, and we’ve already heard some varying sounds from the project like “Summer Day,” “Easy” and “Trapped In Love.” Jack’s new song, “Save My Soul,” follows the sounds of the latter, as his booming synthesizers and bass lay backdrop to his singing and passionate rapping.

“Save My Soul” follow Daye Jack on a lonely path to attempted success, finding a broken man from his new-found level of fame. He spits, “now, I’m the guy, but, in time, I’ll be the freak,” echoing that he’s following the path of finding fame and now is being affected by it negatively — so much so, people are labeling him differently. If Soul Glitch is anything like the four releases so far, he better get ready for more eyeballs, because he has the ability to blow.

Soul Glitch is out June 30, and listen to “Save My Soul” below: