Black Simon & Garfunkel Cover Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 11, 2015

Man, this has to stop. Questlove and Captain Kirk Douglas routinely play Black Simon & Garfunkel, and this time around, the two covered Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” Granted, if it weren’t for The Roots, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon would be further down the gutter than a Styles P verse, but this bit needs to stop.

If the people THERE aren’t laughing, do you they think we are? They don’t even laugh at the potentially funny part — Jimmy Fallon’s discovery of “Black Simon and Garfunkel.” It’s usually while he’s having a dumbly named drink at a bar somewhere in Manhattan. The world would prefer a Black Thought freestyle than two of the most notable members of The Roots “jokingly” mocking one of the more boring styles of music that has ever become famous. At least use their talents and make them The Black Black Keys. I shouldn’t be fueling the fire burning down 30 Rock.

But fuck it. It’ll still get a couple hundred-thousand views, I guess partially due to me sharing it, and they’ll keep on doing it. Tweet at them or something letting them know it’s not funny. Maybe it’ll stop. MAYBE. The Roots are better than this. I don’t know about Jimmy, but The Roots are.