The Outfit, TX – “Big Daddy”

blame it on Meka June 15, 2015

Despite the… uh, shall we say, bawdy artwork, “Big Daddy” is in fact not the theme song for that upcoming film Magic Mike XXL, and there is actually somewhat of a deeper meaning to the song. I mean, if you let The Outfit tell it…

“‘Big Daddy’ personifies a philosophy that we 3 share regarding romantic relationships and their accompanying titles,” TOTX’s Mel explains. “We’ve been ‘boyfriends,’ ‘best friends,’ ‘playbrothers,’ ‘side-dudes,’ and all that other stuff. At the end of the day, it’s all rhetoric. Just kick it with a man, woman. Get to know me. Let me get to know you. Let’s watch Bill Maher, and debate classism vs racism or something. Next, lets do something ratchet to balance it out like hit a BYOB strip club on a weekday, and kill a full bottle of Crown Apple. Then, at the end of the night, or in the parking lot of the strip club, give me that good stuff, and call me ‘Big Daddy.'”

I’m in tears at all of this. Listen below.

The Outfit, TX is hard at work on their follow-up to their debut album Cognac/Four Corner Room, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive sometime this year.