Machine Gun Kelly Performs On ‘WWE Raw,’ Gets Thrown Off Stage In The Worst Way Possible

blame it on Meka June 16, 2015

When I moved to New York I haven’t watched the WWE on a normal, consistent basis like I did when I used to live in Los Angeles. This is probably because that I was on perpetual unemployment and, thus, was indoors more often than not. Needless to say now, most of the wrestlers I watched back then are either bank-breaking Hollywood actors (The Rock), semi-retired reality show hosts (Stone Cold Steve Austin), no longer doing commentary (Jim Ross), washed (Kurt Angle) or – sadly – deceased (Eddie Guerrero, British Bulldog, Dusty Rhodes, etc.).

Naturally, I didn’t catch last night’s episode of their long-running flagship show, WWE Raw, because if I did I would have caught MGK perform “A Little More” with Victoria Monét, only to get literally thrown off the stage by wrestler Kevin Owens.

Being that it was totally staged aside (I’m sure Kelly had to “learn” how to take a bump before this actually happened), you couldn’t pay me enough to take a dive like that. And that’s what probably kept WWE at least quasi-relevant for so long: it’s a soap opera for men, doing things the average Joe would never contemplate doing. I bet you Prince Be of PM Dawn caught this and it brought back the painful memories of when KRS-One gave him the ol’ heave-ho from the stage back in the day. But I’m digressing.