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Premiere: B. Dolan – “Jailbreak” f. Aesop Rock, Buck 65 & David Lamb (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 23, 2015

Try and hold B. Dolan down. On his latest single, the rapper/producer escapes a penitentiary’s clutches along with Aesop Rock, Buck 65 and David Lamb. It’s his time.

Today, B. Dolan released “Jailbreak,” the latest single off his upcoming album, Kill the Wolf, with a hilarious corresponding video. The song features three verses, over Dolan’s guitar-driven production, describing how and why they are breaking out of jail – with a hook sung by the late David Lamb that echoes the emcees sentiments that they won’t return to jail by any mean necessary.

In the video, The Price Is Right’s audience — also known as a nursing home — is being fed pill after pill, losing their individual sense of youth with every dose of medication. One damsel decides to rebel, dressed in her nicest pink nightgown, and seduces the man patrolling over them at night. She ties him up, takes his keys and let’s her friends out of their metaphorical jails. But they aren’t done. it’s time to get fucked up. Dancing on tables and passing tequila around, the elderly recapture who they are — even if that may be people who like to soak their dentures in alcohol. It’s who they are. They’re free.

B. Dolan’s Kill the Wolf arrives July 10th. Pre-order at Strange Famous.