Rick Ross Arrested On Assault & Kidnapping Charges

blame it on Meka June 24, 2015

When Cam’ron said those six magical words, “It’s gonna be a hot summer,” I don’t think he meant it like this.

Just a few short days after Thor Diddy went all Ragnarok on his son’s UCLA coach, Rick Ross has now been arrested on a litany of charges including aggravated battery, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Jailed for the second time this month (the first was for a misdemeanor marijuana charge) Ross – as well as his bodyguard – was having work done on some property he purchased in Fayette County, Georgia, when he allegedly got into a fight with one of the workers and pistol-whipped him. I mean, when you use the wrong color backsplash…

As of this article Ross and his bodyguard remain in police custody while waiting for their bond hearing. Guys, I know that the temperatures are high but keep cool out there okay?

Naturally, Curtis had something to say about everything…

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