The Corner: The ‘The Truth About How To Pimp A Tyga Trapped In A Ring Of Honor’ Episode

blame it on Meka June 26, 2015

Have you ever gotten into a spirited discussion about music? Clearly you have: it’s partially why you frequent the DopeHouse. Listening to The Corner – the podcast duo of Andreas Hale and Kel Dansby – essentially echoes your thoughts when it comes to music, but they also throw in hilarious one-liners on all things sports as well.

Andreas & Kel talk about wack surprise rap albums, the best hip hop albums of 2015 so far, Jose Aldo’s injury, whether Conor McGregor should fight another opponent, Bellator being a freak show, the end of Adrien Broner, Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent, booking Brock Lesnar and Ring Of Honor’s new black champion. Yeah, it’s a busy show this week.

Andreas is essentially the living embodiment of that bitter barber in Coming To America, and I’m totally here for all of it.