Apple Launches Music Streaming Service, Debuts Pharrell’s “Freedom”

blame it on Meka June 30, 2015

There’s a new hat thrown into streaming music’s three-ring circus: the much talked about Apple Music. The ballyhooed new service from the House of Jobs touts a variety of artists and media personalities including Zane Lowe, Drake, The Weeknd, and Hot 97’s Ebro among others, and officially set things off with both the latest video and audio from one Pharrell Williams.

If you have already have an Apple Music (or a Beats Music account – remember those? – which got migrated into Apple Music, or a good ol’ fashioned swindle/hookup) then you may have caught the quasi-sequel to “Happy” already. For those who have thus far only heard the song during Pharrell’s Glastonbury performance, check it out below and stay here at the DopeHouse when the video inevitably drops for the rest of us.