Sunny & Gabe – “Sweetness”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 30, 2015

Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe have scattered singles over the Internet since dropping Free Candy in September 2013. We’ve waited and waited for a new project from the two after showing a great ability to combine Gabe’s quick, scratchy hip-hop sounds with Sunny’s high-pitched, distorted, soothing vocals. Today, we revisit the album that introduced me to the two with the hidden track off the version of Free Candy if you bought it.

Titled “Sweetness,” it simply features Sunny and a guitar singing about the love she has for someone in a light, harmonic way. While the song has actually been out for almost two year, it was released as a stand-alone track yesterday, and its beauty has helped remind me of the wonder that is Free Candy. I’m excited to hear what the two have been curating over the last two years. Songs like “Sweetness” are what make those long waits worth it.