Maffew Ragazino – VIII Million Stories (EP)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 1, 2015

Maffew Ragazino has been having some dreams of his deceased grandmother lately, among other events, and he needs to get his thoughts off his chest. What better way than rapping?

Ragazino’s VIII Million Stories EP dropped today, with one of the first highlights being “Motherless Child,” where he shares the tales his recent dreams where someone is on the hunt to kill him. The dreams, along with his grandma dying and his rough family history, have caused him to drink more and fully believe he’s going to die young. Each dream, he comes closer and closer to getting shot, and in his final dream, he confronts the man chasing him. Over Ecks’ aggresive production, it turns out he’s known the killer for a long time.

The EP features verses and production Roc Marciano, Willie the Kid, Ecks and more, and you can stream it below. Purchase VIII Million Stories on iTunes.