Vince Staples Plays “Over/Under,” Hijinks Ensue

blame it on Meka July 1, 2015

I mean, look at Vince Staples‘ face in the above shot. It’s clearly a look of amused bewilderment, and a sign that the his participation in Pitchfork’s “Over/Under” game is nothing but the funnies.

Sobriety, DMX, the Amish, KFC, Bill Nye The Science Guy, lobsters, Oprah, Tom Cruise, PETA, pet ownership and more aren’t safe from Vince’s hilariously honest wrath throughout the sit-down. This is actually one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen today.

The Long Beach native also spoke with ‘Plexrow about his new album, Summertime ’06, his career thus far, and the why guest features aren’t a necessity in creating a masterpiece.