Quelle Chris – “Where the Wild Things Roam” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 2, 2015

Quelle Chris‘ sarcastically named Innocent Country is set to release July 10, and the project’s second single, “Where the Wild Thing Roam,” has produced a visual just as creepy as the book its title is influenced by.

I’ve gotta be real: Where The Wild Things Are scared the shit out of me. When I went to a girl’s house with a couple friends to watch the Spike Jonze film based on the book, I pretended to sleep. I couldn’t do it. They are legitimately one of the few things that make me genuinely uncomfortable look at for more than a minute. That being said, Chris’ video for the ominous song gave me the same head-turn I remember having with Where The Wild Things Are.

Set in a dark room with nothing but a flashlight shined on him and his friends donned in masks and headgear, Chris raps the bars to the track while the light bears fruit to their outfits. I won’t willingly watch the video again (now that you know my fears, you should understand), but I like the song, and you can stream it below.

Watch the visual above, and pre-order Chris’ Innocent Country on Bandcamp.