2Deep: Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia Share ‘Stretch & Bobbito Joints’

blame it on JES7 July 5, 2015

In case you missed the memo, legendary DJs Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia’s classic shows that are being traded and sold for crazy amounts on the black market ebay are working with Fat Beats to re-release the tapes.

In fact, their 3/02/95 tape has already sold out. Better sign up for that newsletter so you don’t miss out.

Anyway, the two DJs recently uploaded Stretch & Bobbito Joints on Soundcloud, which, contrary to blogs who don’t know their shit, is not “unearthed” or “never heard before.” Maybe to you if you weren’t hardcore fans, but a quick search on the deep interwebs will put any of these joints up. Jokes on you, 2000s babies.

Now, let me hop off my high horse and let you relive the moments in Stretch & Bobbito’s tape – 25 cuts (or nearly 3 hours) of hilarious prank calls, freestyles and more from the likes of Wu-Tang, Big L, Kool Keith, Black Moon and more.