CashUs King – “Sundown Town”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 8, 2015

Influenced by recent events like the Charleston shooting and consistent police shootings against unarmed black men, CashUs King (fka Co$$) discusses the treatment of black people and the perception blackness throughout American history on his new single, “Sundown Town.”

In an email to us, Co$$ said that while he believes that not much has changed since the time of slavery, he believes the main thing that changed is a black person is “more likely to be murdered by another black man/woman as opposed to a corrupt white officer or white supremacist.” He feels that black people create their own version of “sundown towns,” which are cities that are exclusively white.

In the end, transcending racists and supremacists, he just wants all black people to love themselves. Love their accents, love their dialects, love their skin. And it shouldn’t just be blacks appreciating blacks. It should be everyone.

Listen to the Tranzformer-produced “Sundown Town” below.