James Fauntleroy – “Broken Heart Broken Eyes”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 8, 2015

James Fauntleroy is at his best when he stripped down. In the first half on 2014, he released single with muddled vocals over reverbed guitars (“Mo’nin“), and they sounded so sweet. With feature after feature passing (work with Kendrick Lamar, India Shawn), Fauntleroy seems like he’s committed himself to his solo music again.

A bit softer than his previous release, “Help,” his latest single, “Broken Heart Broken Eyes,” features simply a piano progression from Larrance Dopson under his painful lyrics of missing out on his love. This track sounds like Fauntleroy’s most complete solo release in a long time — it isn’t a short, under-mixed track that sounds like a demo — and it’s very welcome. Hopefully with more ears paying attention to him, we’ll get a project from the Inglewood singer.

Listen to Fauntleroy’s “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” below.