Drake To Premiere “Energy” Video On Apple Music

blame it on Meka July 9, 2015

Because, naturally, Drake and Apple go together like peanut butter and chocolate these days.

With the release of the latest streaming services warrior Apple Music, it’s getting to the point where the only way someone can watch or listen to albums are if they, you know, actually spend money on them. I shouldn’t be mad at that, to be honest. After what’s seemed like forever, the old and mothball-esque guard have finally seemed to realize that there are ways of squeezing money from our pockets without having to do so when it’s from our cold and dead hands, when it comes to serving us music. However, when there’s not one single place where the average, post-recession Joe can actually get the music, that brewing sense of frustration will ultimately turn into acts of bootlegging defiance. Thus, we’d be back at this same cycle again when some random head of the RIAA goes on the Grammys to bad-mouth illegal downloading, as if forcing people to spend between $10 and $20 a month on four different providers just to get us to watch a video – especially considering that there are still television channels that offer them up for our watching pleasure for next to nothing, and that’s just for starters – shows that you really care about the consumer.

But I’m probably digressing and straying far from the point of this piece, which basically goes like this: Drake’s video for “Energy,” taken from his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album, will debut tomorrow (July 10th) on Apple Music. Or, if you don’t mind waiting, when some aspiring pirate takes matters into his own hands and liberates the clip for the rest of the non-paying world to see.

Watch a preview below.