Gunplay Crashes ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’

blame it on Meka July 10, 2015

By this point you’ve seen what goes down when a musician decides to visit any given episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable. Whether they have rappers that make you feel incredibly old, hilarious sing-alongs with game show hosts, or regaling us on their old battle scars, you never know what to really expect. But how about when one person pops up and makes you laugh, cry and cringe in rapid succession?

Well, that’s what happens when one Don Logan was their special guest the other day. In just eleven short minutes he gives no-nonsense soliloquies about his earlier and wilder days, bluntly talks about the time his truck got shot up while he was in it (this only came after a Wild West-style shootout, mind you), how his infamous armed robbery and assault charges refocused his entire life goals… after he went on the run for a good 10 months, throwing hands with 50 Cent at the 2012 BET Awards (while he was on the run, mind you), and much more. It’s equal parts impassioned story-telling, a cautionary tale and light-hearted humor all in one. It may not be as side-splitting as the normal HQ conversations, but it’s definitely an interesting watch nonetheless.