G-Eazy Releases Three New Songs

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 13, 2015

Bay Area’s G-Eazy has stayed relatively dormant since finishing the promotion of These Things Happen with videos and loosies at the beginning of the year, but today, the 26-year-old returns stunting on “Oh Well.”

The flows and topic aren’t anything new as G-Eazy coasts over !llmind production while shaking stragglers off his coattails. Money always has people fucking with you when they wouldn’t pay you no mind a couple years ago, and G-Eazy has experienced that over the last year or so. He doesn’t really seem to care if you wanna hang around him or not, but I guess that’s the attitude you’ve gotta take on with the money he has now.

Listen to “Oh Well” below.

UPDATE: Turns out, G-Eazy woke up today and decided to release two more songs: “Running” and “You Got Me.”