Birdman Throws Drink At Lil Wayne At LIV Nightclub

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 13, 2015

It was so much fun to write that headline. It almost feels like I’m writing for The Onion or Clickhole.

Birdman, the founder of Ca$h Money and ruler of Lil Wayne’s career, THREW A DRINK AT LIL WAYNE WHILE HE PERFORMED AT LIV IN MIAMI.

I had to capitalize it to highlight how fucking ridiculous that sounds.

This is Liv. Not one of the college bars I frequent on the weekend. Lil Wayne is not your girlfriend that just talked to a woman he used to date at the club, Birdman. He’s your business partner, at the very least.

Birdman, who, of course, allegedly threw the drink, tossed the martini/vodka-cranberry/whiskey-water with lime juice or whatever he was drinking at Wayne from the second level while he was performing on stage. I wish the video was clearer to get a better shot of Wayne’s face when he realized Birdman threw a drink at him. It’s the face LeBron would make if Delonte West ever asked him for a ride home or some financial help or something. The “you should be catching the fade right now, but I’m going to take the high road until you throw another drink at me” face.

Anyway, the Lil Wayne/Birdman beef used to be annoying, but when hilarious stuff like this happens? These two are grown men, and it seems like Wayne has taken the high road throughout the whole situation.

UPDATE: The OG footage has been removed, but here’s another look…