Or, When Drake & Hannibal Burress Played Softball & Got Washed

blame it on Meka July 14, 2015

We’ve all had fantasies of being our neighborhood Bo Jackson when we were younger: a multi-sport threat who can rip off an 80-yard touchdown run one moment, then crank out a 500-foot homerun the next. However, in reality most of us are worse at swinging for the fences than… uh, nevermind. That’s why some of the most highest-paid people on the planet are employed to either get gored Rhino-style by a hulking mass of muscle charging at them at top speed or attempt to hit a small white ball launched at them at over 100 MPH.

Which makes this recap footage of Drake‘s celebrity softball tournament, which went down during his second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, rather interesting. In short, the clip has him – as well as funnyman Hannibal Burress, P. Reign, Ne-Yo and others – striking out, getting thrown out, making errors, and other forms of getting waxed throughout. This was all in good fun and jest, however, as the game benefited the Houston Astros’ Urban Youth Academy. Still, it’s pretty chuckle-inducing watching Drake saunter up to the plate like Casey At The Bat… only to get tossed out at first with the greatest of ease. It just goes to show you that entertainment’s mega-stars are about as basic as organized sports like you and I.

Watch below.