Kokayi – “History” f. Mikki

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 15, 2015

Kokayi, who released a song EVERY DAY in 2014, delivered a contribution, “History,” to House Studio Records’ #5149 compilation released about three weeks ago, and though the song came out even further back (June 19), I needed to share this.

“History” is the type of song I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio for the rest of time. Kokayi’s booming vocals eased over Reggie Volume and Brandon Carlyle’s bubbly, bouncing production. The Washington, D.C., artist belted romantic lyrics about him and his lover having a deep history together, despite their contrasts. If there’s one thing I’ve regretted over the last month, it’s not finding out about this song the day it came out.

Stream the song below, download it for free and purchase it on iTunes, because this`is the type of talent everyone should support.