Birdman Suing JAY Z + Tidal for Streaming Lil Wayne’s ‘Free Weezy Album’

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 16, 2015

I can’t keep up with everything.

Yesterday, Young Thug got arrested for threatening a mall cop – which led to his house being raided and felony drug and weapons charges being added to his rap sheet, then today, Birdman and Young Thug’s names are mentioned in an indictment surrounding Lil Wayne’s bus shooting in April. Now, it’s being reported that Birdman is suing JAY Z and Tidal for $50 million for streaming the Free Weezy Album.

According to TMZ, Birdman/Cash Money claim Lil Wayne didn’t have the right to license his music to Tidal (who received part ownership of the company in doing so). Tidal, on the other hand, says that Cash Money didn’t have the exclusive rights.

This Lil Wayne and Birdman beef keeps getting uglier and uglier. We joke about moments like Birdman throwing a drink at Wayne in a nightclub, but dude allegedly tried getting Wayne shot? It’s ranged from childish to straight up dangerous. These two were father and son at one point. Now one’s trying to kill another. Hopefully the beef calms down quick and the two can go their separate ways with the money they want.