Ghostface Killah: Not A Fan Of Action Bronson

blame it on Meka July 20, 2015

We all know that Action Bronson can, at times, vocally sound like Ghostface Killah. This has never been lost upon either emcees, who even once collaborated on a song together, “Meteor Hammer,” back in 2011.

Well apparently all of that means absolutely nothing at this point, as now the two have had a long-stemming rift finally come to light. While Ghost has always mentioned that Bronson sounds like him and has mistaken some of Bam Bam’s own songs for his own, once he got wind of Bronson saying some rather unflattering things on a recent episode of ESPN’s SportsNation

… the proverbial gloves came off. And, over the soulful tunes of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes 1972 single with Teddy Pendergrass, “Be For Real,” Ghost let his feelings be known in this six-minute soliloquy.

Oh, this is just hilarious. A couple of highlights:

• “I know them types of n*ggas, bruh. I know your tour schedule.”
• “Your fans? Those are my fans first.”
• “I want you to enjoy your summer, ’cause you know a lot of people don’t make it through the summer.”

Temperatures may be blazing throughout the country right now, but Bronson and Ghostface just made my summer a lot more hotter.

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UPDATE: Action Bronson has taken to his Twitter to apologize for his comments.