Hudson Mohawke Shares the Visuals for “Warriors” Starring Pusha T

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 20, 2015

Hudson Mohawke‘s Latern has been out just over a month now, and the Scottish producer continues the album’s push with the video for “Warriors” featuring Ruckazoid and Devauex and starring Pusha T.

I had hoped the video would be a lot cooler than it turned out to be, as it was simply fixated on Pusha running away from something, whether it be fears or someone trying to kill him. Who knows. The theme of the song is to keep pushing no matter who or what is holding you down, and I guess the visual tried explaining that in a really bland way. Anyway, if you were craving a Pusha T sighting, there it is.

Check the video above, and and download Lantern on iTunes.