Kweku Collins – Say It Here, While It’s Safe (FreEP)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 21, 2015

Kweku Collins is the type of artist you want to see do well, especially based on his most recent single, “Kings.” He’s humble, produces much of his own music and is open, not worrying to share how he feels about certain situations. The Chicago native’s latest project, Say It Here, While It’s Safe, debuted today, with a grand total of seven songs.

The album’s third and seventh tracks are produced by Boathouse, but aside from that, Collins handled the rest of the production – with WebsterX making the lone guest appearance on track three. Collins isn’t an amazing singer, but he holds a tune and rap/sings over most of the tracks on the projects similar to the way Wyclef Jean (who POTW compared him to last week) does, and more recently, Daye Jack, Chance the Rapper and Bobby Raps do, at times. On a quick run through, the vibes are always positive and preach forward-moving living, which can be hard to do coming from a city like Chicago.

Stream the album below, and download Say It Here, While It’s Safe for free here.