P.A.T. Junior – “Free[dom] Write[r]?” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 23, 2015

North Carolina emcee P.A.T. Junior is torn between rapping about his passions or conforming to the what the mainstream wants. On his double-sided cut, “Free[dom] Write[r]?,” he acknowledges, “lemme quit with the conscious shit; nobody really cares about consciousness. You wanna here about the trap life, ’bout the gat, right? Living the fast life, how I stack heights in my past time?”

It’s a struggle many upcoming emcees can relate to, as it’s hard to find a happy medium between making music you want and making music people want to hear. P.A.T. realizes, “I’m hardly make money just being myself.” What’s the cost of staying true to what you believe in?

Watch the video for the self-produced song above.