Slaughterhouse Talk Lyricism, Meek/Drake Controversy, & More To ‘Ebro In The Morning’

blame it on Meka July 24, 2015

Joe, KXNG CROOKED, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5’9″ were guests on Hot 97’s morning show the other day. In between discussing the new Southpaw soundtrack (as well as their contribution to the project, “R.N.S.“), their own upcoming project Glass House (which will be executive produced by Just Blaze!) and more musical tidbits, before getting into the nitty gritty. More specifically, the entire Meek Mill/Drake madness, the ideal of ghostwriting in rap, and more, before Joe let off this wholly true bar:

“You media clowns don’t never acknowledge lyricists anyway, so why are we talking about this now?”

And can you blame him for having that sentiment? In a music world where “lyricism” is, these days, considered “unmarketable” for mainstream success, why are the same people who wouldn’t care about adding some polysyllabic words suddenly armchair experts on the entire thing? And does that detract from Drake’s overall talent? There’s a myriad of onion-type layers to be peeled back in regards to this particular conversation, but I’m assuming that the only reason why this conversation is taking place anyways is because we’re all bored since the NFL season hasn’t started yet.

Meanwhile you should grab their last mixtape, House Rules, while you’re at it.