Kanye West Closes Out Pan Am Games… Sort Of

blame it on Meka July 27, 2015

The 2015 Pan Am Games – also known as the unofficial warmups to the Olympic Games – spent the last two weeks in Toronto, and while I didn’t catch most of the games I will say that the USA took home the most Gold medals as well as having the highest medal count. We also introduced the rest of the world to the legend that is Cam F. Awesome…

This guy is a King in the making.

Anyways, the Games closed last night (July 26th) with a sets from both Pitbull and Kanye West. However, it was West’s set that left the more… indelible mark on the festivities. It was previously reported that a petition to prevent Kanye from participating at the closing ceremonies under the guise of opponents wanting a Canadian artist to perform instead. After the petition ultimately didn’t work, Kanye’s microphone would inexplicably (ironically?) cease to function as well during his set, causing him to cut his show short after roughly 13 minutes.


Apparently, the mixup was caused due to a combination of sound, microphone and a variety of other technical errors… or so the show’s organizers say. Either way, Canada formally got to know the saga of Cam F. Awesome and they should thank America for that. #Murica