Watch Birdman’s Entire Sit-Down On Angie Martinez

blame it on Meka July 29, 2015

The other day the venerable Angie Martinez released a small portion of her two daylong interview with Cash Money’s embattled leader Birdman. Uncompromising yet politically proper (because of his impending legal issues, clearly), Baby divulged his thought on everything from his strained relationship with Lil Wayne, the shooting of Wayne’s tour bus, his current relationship – business and/or otherwise – with both Drake and Nicki Minaj, that hilarious LiV incident, and much more.

The entire thing clocks in at over an hour, and it does get pretty in-depth at some parts. However, Birdman comes off sometimes as unflinchingly invincible to everything happening around him as if life seemingly isn’t falling apart at the seams. I mean, on top of possibly losing all of his marquee acts on his label he (as well as Young Thug, but Thugger has bigger issues to worry about) is also facing rather serious ramifications that could possibly lead to jail/prison time, yet he comes across as almost… what’s the word… cocky and arrogant (and, to me, off-putting) instead. Must be nice, because the last time I faced some kind of jail time (I was in my teens, mind you) I wimped up and shed a fair amount of tears, and my charge was farless as grave.

Anyways, peep the whole thing below.