Bambu – “Comrades” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 30, 2015

Los Angeles emcee Bambu’s Party Worker LP has been out for over nine months at this point, and he’s been continued the grind releasing a remixed version of the album with Digital Martyrs. Today, Bambu continues the push of the album with a video for one of the most popular songs of the album, “Comrades.”

In the visual, Bambu hikes through the forest, but along the way, gets attacked from the natives in the area, fending them off in an awesomely choreographed piece. The emcee states that he’ll take a bullet for any of his comrades, and on his journey, he stays true to his word trying to rid anyone of his way so he can deliver a necessary package.

There may or may not be a surprise for fans around the 54-second mark. If you pay close attention, a link pops up on screen link to what may or may not be a secret project from Bambu. MAYBE. MAYBE NOT. Watch the video and find out.