Sunni Colón – “p*ssyaintTHATPINK”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 30, 2015

Sunni Colón has released another “demo,” as every song on his SoundCloud is supposedly an unfinished reference, called “pussyaintTHATPINK” that transitions from a melodic surf-rock ballad to a spacious, creeping soundtrack to an exploration of a UFO.

The singer/songwriter’s instrumental talents are shown off in the two-sided track, especially his bass work, which carries the first half of the song in its melody and leads the way in the second half. The whole experience puts me in a really weird mindset of falling in love with some entrancing extraterrestrial, flowing into the second half where she shows me the land she inhabits. Don’t ask why I’m thinking this. Maybe you’ll understand once you check out the song below. DON’T JUDGE.