Drake Put Meek Mill On The OVO Fest Screen

blame it on Shake August 4, 2015

It was all good just a week ago. Well, a little over a week, but you get the point. After calling out Drake on Twitter with allegations that he used a ghostwriter, Drake responded with a warning shot on “Charged Up.” Then, after four days of silence, Drake decided to let off another diss track called “Back To Back.” Finally, following a massive amount of hilarious memes (because the internet is awesome), Meek responded with “Wanna Know” – which also brought on a wave of hilarity.

Although Meek’s argument does hold weight (and questions do need answers), the biggest mistake he made was bringing this all up right before Drake would take the stage at his own festival – in his hometown – that’s talked about every year, by everybody. It just wasn’t smart on Meek’s part. Then again, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking that far ahead. He got the intel, let it fly without hesitation (because Twitter is a helluva drug), and the Quentin Miller discussion took on a life of its own. Unfortunately, Meek showed his hand too early, and by the time “Wanna Know” dropped, the QM talk was “old news” and the inclusion of the reference track just didn’t connect like it could’ve.

So, here we are – it’s the final night of OVO Fest and Drake takes the stage. And what does he kick off the show with? You guessed it… “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” That wasn’t it though. Throughout his entire set – which featured surprise performances from Skepta, Future, Kanye West, and Pharrell – Drake decided to flash all the hilarious aforementioned memes on the big screen behind him, showcasing them to the tens of thousands of people in attendance. It was like watching a live tapping of a Comedy Central Roast.

Before the show started, talk of a third diss track (tentatively-titled “3-Peat”) began to bubble, saying Drake would debut the record as the festival came to an end. It never happened. But… Drake did land a pretty slick jab (“Been saying fuck a chaser, when we takin’ shots”) after hinting at the rumored diss track (“He ain’t ready for that 3-Peat. He don’t want that 3-Peat.”). And really, who knows what Meek wants at this point. The last we saw, he was on Instagram cleaning his teeth – or something.

Anyways, to sum up tonight’s affair… Another OVO Fest is in the books, no new diss record was released (yet?), and Drake still owns his “Free Meek” shirt. Oh, and there’s also a video of Drake, Kanye West and WILL SMITH (a Philly legend) laughing hysterically at Meek memes…

For those of you that couldn’t be in attendance, I’ve included a few clips of the show (courtesy of Nigel D) – and a few memes and comments, just because.

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