Vic Spencer – “Uppercut Facility”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 4, 2015

Vic Spencer‘s The Walk Away Music was released just over three years ago, and because it’s his favorite album of his own, he celebrated by unleashing a song made of a medley of four Alchemist beats off his latest beat tape, Retarded Alligator Beats, called “Uppercut Facility.”

This really is smooth as hell, with Spencer changing flows as the beats change mood and tempo. Spencer dubs himself the “only player in the league with no coach and team,” praising his own do-it-yourself mindset. There are solid bars throughout , and if you plan on coming at Spencer, he thinks you’re an idiot: “I’m really hated by rappers in the game, this is more about rappers that take shots at flames, it’s stupid.”

Listen to “Uppercut Facility” below.