Atmosphere Releases First Every Solar-Powered Music Video with “Sunshine”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 6, 2015

Atmosphere, the long-lasting duo out of Minneapolis, have had Rhymesayers as a label for 20 years now, and to honor the anniversary, Slug and Ant teamed with Sunport to create the first ever solar-powered music video. And the song they chose for the occasion? One of their most popular jams to date, “Sunshine,” which was released eight years ago.

The song is fitting if you think about it. Solar-power, sunshine.. you get it. The video features the sketch plans for shooting the actual video, highlighting every type of light source they used to shoot it.

This is just really damn awesome. Check out the video above and go behind-the-scenes below.

Learn more about SunPort, who helped shoot the video, here.