J. Cole Sits Down With Sway For An In-Depth Interview

blame it on Shake August 6, 2015

As the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour rolled through San Diego, J. Cole sat down with Sway for an intimate discussion about music, life, and Dreamville.

Starting with his tour mates, J. Cole praised Big Sean and shared why he fought with the higher ups to keep YG on board after he was shot.

“I seen the way he moves, and just in my interactions with him, he’s not stupid. So, I had to break it down to him, people are expecting him to fail so every decision you and your homeboys make, make it true or false.

Big Sean is on fire. Me and Big Sean came in the game together. We opened up a show for Wale in 2009, so we started this climb together. To see what he’s done and came through… and his catalog of hits. When he’s out there doing his show, I can hear it in my bus. 40 minutes of hits.”

The CEO of Dreamville spoke about his team of shooters – Omen, Bas and Omen – and what each brings to the table. He shared his thoughts on the music industry, the importance of his art, the creation of his album, and more.

“You don’t have to have the features. You don’t have to drop the single. You don’t have to have the radio record before you put the album out. You don’t have to follow them rules. You can put out what you love and still sell records if you connecting with people. It ain’t gonna be over night. You do art first and build the business around that.”

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