Future Breaks Down ‘DS2’ Track-By-Track

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 7, 2015

Future Hendrix is a nice man. for the people to codeine’d up to not understand his music, he’s start a track-by-track breakdown of his first No. 1 albumDS2. The Atlanta Gawd broke down the first three tracks of his LP in a new video, saying of his album: “You may not drink lean, but when you listen to this music, it’s going to make you feel high.” That’s a helluva

On “Thought It Was A Drought”: Future said the song just felt like an introduction, and it still does. He said Metro Boomin’ and DJ Esco arranged the song and vocals once everything was recorded to make into an actually song, so shout out to them. Wouldn’t want an un-arranged song kicking off the album, would we???

“I Serve the Base”: Future described the production as a “dope sss beat.” He said “I serve the base” was said once in the song when he originally recorded, but after hearing it over the distorted production, they made it the mainstay of the song.

“Where Ya At” f. Drake: The album wasn’t supposed to have any features, but Future said that if it did, he wanted Drake on “Where Ya At.” Turns out, Drake called him asking if he turned the album in yet, wondering if he could drop bars somewhere on the album. Future gave in and sent him “Where Ya At,” then it turned into what it did.

UPDATE: Part two has been released. In the clip below, Future breaks down “Groupies,” “Lil One,” “Stick Talk,” and “Freak Ho.”

UPDATE (8/5): Part three is up. Tracks discussed: “Rotation,” “Slave Master,” “Blow A Bag,” and “Colossal.”

UPDATE (8/6): Part four features “Rich Sex,” “Blood On The Money,” “Trap Niggas,” and “The Percocet & Stripper Joint.”

UPDATE (8/7): Part five is the finale and it features “Real Sisters,” “Kno The Meaning,” and “Fuck Up Some Commas.”