JGivens – “Super Lowkey” (Video)

blame it on Shake August 7, 2015

So far, JGivens hasn’t missed. After snatching our attention and landing a 2Dope To Sleep On feature last month, the Vegas emcee had us “Lost In Space” on the follow-up single. Now, with his Humble Beast debut looming, JGivens returns with the album’s third single.

Produced by Portland’s Courtland Urbano, “Super Lowkey” can be described as an introspective snapshot into the understated “lows” of life. With slick wordplay used to introduce himself from the jump, the ‘son from the left coast’ drives the record home with a thought-provoking verse that will have you questioning if you truly do know the super low.

Right now, “Super Lowkey” is available for purchase on iTunes and stream via Spotify/Apple Music. Choose your poison, but not before you check out the official video below. The team of Christian Padron, Anthony Benedetto, Courtland Urbano & Thomas Terry really did an amazing job.

[ Verse A ]

Usually the ‘J’ is with a designated shooter
So don’t do it
Don’t add space
Leave a ‘G’ close to the ‘J’ like “Shoot it!”

No one laugh. That’s a ‘jk’
No example of an automatic-47-blast-in-your-residential way,
But the flow bananas, ‘K?
Go “potassium-symbol.” That’s a JK-eLeMeN’

Spending all my days on the Westside, O!

Oh, PQR—’S’ is for Son.
On set, I’m a son from the left coast
Dubs up for the place where the sun sets.

‘Cause I can only dream of why the sun goes west,
But I can’t even see just what the Son sees best,
Died on a tree in the shape of a ’T,’
He emits ‘UVs’ just to get ‘W’

(You, you)
(2 you)

| Chorus |

And you just might get to know me
A little mo’ better

I usually like to move slowly,
But do you know super low?
Super lowkey.

[ Verse B ]

He’s the season approaching,
West whenever I’m coasting,
Duck like on-the-pond-floating.

I’m Icarus trapped in a life lackluster,
Women and religion and a glass pipe
Living in a ziplock bag
Full of Sprite-colored bite-size nuggets
Full of trees like a white guy running


You livin’ locked up!

Lukewarm earthling
living for the twerk team
First thing in the morn’
View porn, hurting, super low.
But do you know?

What do you do when the biblical view you learned when you was two and the option “to-lose” drops a toxin in you, and you’re choosing to cruise with doctrine of “her, a few brews, and a hot tub”?

And then some bad news for you pops up:
Phone call on the way to your job

Gotta pray to the God that you played “runaway” ’cause the same Lois Lane said
you got her knocked up.