What Would Raekwon’s Superpower Be?

blame it on Meka August 11, 2015

The average male has, at one point in their lives, wanted to either be a superhero or possess some kind of super power. Me? I wanted to be an equivalent of DC Comics’ Hitman, which seemed perfectly normal (to me) for a tween back then…

You know, me being inspired by a fictional contract killer when I was younger is probably a part of why I spent much of my teenage days running from the police. But I digress.

Anyways, after Dave East wanted to turn the entire planet into a hot box and Kendrick Lamar vowed to fight inequality and Lucifer, Mass Appeal turned to a rapper who’s already had multiple aliases: Raekwon. He revealed that he would go by the name of King Kwon, and similar to Kendrick’s character he would provide help and hope for the under-represented and often overlooked people of the world. With his trusty sidekick Eraser-Head, the two would run around town “wiping out all suckers” who stood to oppose them also.

Meanwhile – and I don’t know how I missed this – Gunplay would be “Captain Cocaine.” You can only imagine what that would consist of…