TEK.LUN – “Beggin'”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 11, 2015

Baltimore beatmaker TEK.LUN is making is DopeHouse debut with two new instrumental tracks. The beats seem to flow perfect into one another, even though TEK.LUN says the beats are unfinished and probably never will be complete.

I’ve gotta admit, when I saw the song title, for some reason my negative mind had me thinking the second song was going to be some sort of flip on Frankie Valli’s “Beggin’,” or as most probably know and what I was fearing I was going to hear again, Madcon’s version of it. Thankfully, instead, Tek takes us on a LSD-fueled space ride, making sure every cosmo doesn’t go unnoticed, if that makes any sense. Combined with the first drop, “lay u down,” the two flow into each other with ease, sounding like the soundtrack to staring outside the window of a rocket ship in hyper speed.

Listen to the two new songs below.