Steven A. Clark – “Can’t Have”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 12, 2015

Miami-based singer/songwriter/producer Steven A. Clark is set to release his album The Lonely Roller on September 18. Following up “Not You,” Clark drops “Can’t Have,” a booming electronic rock melody consisting of themes of heartbreak and regret.

Clark’s new single starts with a beautiful violin cadence before ascending into heavy synths and thunderous drums while the singer’s high octave begs for what he can’t have over the production. Sonically, “Can’t Have” reminds me a bit of Bleachers’ “Rollercoaster” with its verses exploding into an infectious chorus paired with the quick-tempo, electronic production. One single can get you so hyped for an album, and that’s what “Can’t Have” has done for me with Clark’s The Lonely Roller. This dude’s sound is incredible.

Listen to “Can’t Have” below, and pre-order The Lonely Roller on iTunes.