Anderson .Paak Talks ‘Compton,’ Dr. Dre in Interview With Mass Appeal

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 13, 2015

Anderson .Paak, formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy, was all over Dr. Dre’s Compton: the Soundtrack and deservedly so. The Oxnard, California, singer/emcee recently sat down with Mass Appeal talking about how Dr. Dre found out about him, working with Dre and Kendrick Lamar, what Compton the city means to him and more.

Check out some tidbits below, and read the whole interview with Mass Appeal here.

.Paak said he met Dre when going to work in the studio with DJ Dahi for a Dr. Dre project, which he didn’t really believe:

When Justus and King Mez heard it, they were like, “Yo, you wanna work with DJ Dahi for this Dre project?” When I heard that, I was like, “That’s tight,” but I kinda didn’t pay any attention to it, because I’ve been out here for 10 years and you always hear these stories about people working for Dre. … So we go to the studio, and I get to record one, and the first person I see come through is Dre and DOC, and I’m like, “Damn!”

On a session with Dre:

When he calls, you just go over there. … He’ll tell me what he’s thinking as far as the vibe of the track, and I’ll tell him what I’m thinking. We’ll go over ideas, and he’ll pour up a glass of Hendrick’s gin, and we’ll just go in. … You hear that he’s a perfectionist, and that’s definitely true. … We’ll take breaks, and he’ll tell me crazy Death Row stories, and there’s just a lot of dynamics with him. It’s really chill, man.

How “Animals” came to be:

Before I left the studio with him, I was like, “Oh shit, let me play you this joint I got with Premo.” He was like, “You got a joint with Premier?” I played it, and it wasn’t even three bars in and he just went nuts! He was like, “I gotta get on this!” The next day, Dre hits me up himself, like, “Yo, I fucking love this song. I know it’s your tune, and no disrespect, but I would love for this to be a part of the soundtrack. Whatever we have to do…” I was like, “Say no more, let’s make history,” so he added his verse on there.

Being the only stand-alone artist on Compton:

I feel blessed. I’m super proud about that. … Dre pulled me aside, and told me, “Yo man, I really appreciate you for what you did for this album. I’m a huge fan of Preem, and you just put this song [“Animals”] in my lap, and I can’t thank you enough.”