Tyga – “Bu$$in’ Out The Bag” (Video)

blame it on Meka August 17, 2015

A little album flop isn’t fazing Tyga in the slightest. Not when, apparently, you’re the richest person in rap music of all time (the way he describes it). Following both The Gold Album and his collaborative effort with Chris Brown, Fan Of A Fan: The Album, T-Raww will return to his mixtape roots following 2013’s Well Done 4 with #FukWhatTheyTalkinBout. To set things off with that project, he unveils the first video for it.

It’s a typical Tyga affair: a ton of money being thrown about carelessly, raps about his copious spending habits, and what appears to be various Taz’ Angels applicants parading around. I mean, look: at this point I don’t expect any kind of nutritional value from Tyga music, which is all right with me since I sometimes can’t be bothered doing any real research (as it were) on his music. Plus, I’m still quite not comfortable with his… shall we say… personal lifestyle choices for me to feel so inclined. However, there’s a reason why he’s been around for quite some time now, and has seemingly made a cool mint from it. So, this music is clearly for those people who support him in that manner.