Mayer Hawthorne – “Handy Man”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 18, 2015

Int he recent past, Mayer Hawthorne has been appearing under Tuxedo, his funk/jazz group with Jake One. Their sound usually covers slow-tempo funk of the ’70s (“Do It,” “So Good“), which is what makes Hawthorne’s latest single such a big switch-up. The LA-based singer kicks the tempo up a couple notches with the horn-blaring, ’50s-styled “Handy Man.”

This tempo and sound isn’t unfamilar to Hawthorne, like on 2009’s “The Ills,” but the sound is a nice switch from the recent string of Tuxedo releases we’ve been getting for the better part of a year.

Listen to the simplistic “Handy Man” below. Find your nearest diner and jukebox, and get ready to dance.