Jay Electronica Took Shots at Drake & J. Cole in London

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 19, 2015

I think, in general, the hip-hop world forgets about Jay Electronica. Until an album that “might never come out” is brought into discussion or the couple times a year he drops a single for feature, he’s left on the back burner. And usually, it’s deserved. It’s hard to stay relevant in today’s 140-character-opinionated world. But then Jay drops songs like “Exhibit C.” Or “Shiny Suit Theory.” Or “Better In Tune With the Infinite.” He reminds us why we’re still waiting on Act II.

Electronica practically lives in London now, dating one of the heirlooms (Kate) to one of the country’s richest families (Rothschild). He performed in the country six days ago at the XOYO club, and during his performance, the Roc Nation signee let the world, and more specifically Drake and J. Cole, know that he’s still “the God of hip-hop.”

He didn’t stop, saying not-so-ambiguously toward Drake that “while you may be the 6 God, I am THE God.” As for J. Cole, who just so happens to be on Roc Nation as well, Jay offered up “I’m sorry, but J. Cole don’t got bars like this. Whoever your favorite rapper is, they know that I’m the God.”

I have no idea why he singled out Drake and Hollywood Cole, but hey, dude is right. Maybe he was a couple shots of Henny in. WHO KNOWS. Please, one of you two, say something back. PLEASE.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of watchLOUD.

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