What Would A$AP Rocky’s Superpower Be?

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2015

As Meka wrote in Raekwon’s imaginative-self-super-hero dream, we all once, as children, wished we had a superpower of our own. While Meka envisioned a fictitious life as Hitman (of DC Comics fame), my superpower was always the ability to fly. And actually, I’ve achieved that wish in some ways, ever since I took up the sport of skydiving. Although falling through the skies at terminal velocity is more akin to “falling with style,” strapping on a trackingsuit or wingsuit definitely is much closer to flying like a bird.

Mass Appeal/Complex’s latest installment of SUPER invites A$AP Rocky to divulge what his superhero fantasy would be: the Joker, who would dye his hair green, use his powers for good (including bringing back loved ones) and rock a “real purple Dior/Marc Jacobs two-piece suit” – plus his very own, quintessential Batcave.