Banksy Interviews Run the Jewels

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 24, 2015

Banksy, the unknown graffiti artist (who, in my brief research, is probably a team of creative artists, at this point) out of England, opened an amusement park called Dismaland in England this past weekend, and it’s supposed to be like an anti-Disneyland. According to a story in The New York Times, the workers were intentionally rude, it was raining the whole day and it featured some of Banksy’s best-known satirical art. The whole experience is supposed to be brash, rude and head-turning. And who better to have perform at this anti-happiness and anti-dream-world theme park than Run the Jewels.

The duo consisting of El-P and Killer Mike are set to perform on a Friday at the theme park in the near future, so the creator of the park interviewed the two in The Guardian. Check out snippets from the interview, where they discussed art, who the biggest rockstar in music is, the last Youtube video that made them cry and more, and read the whole interview here.

On the last video that made the cry:

Banksy: The clip of your speech at Ferguson after the verdict [when the jury decided not to charge officer Darren Wilson for the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown] made me cry. When did you last cry watching YouTube?

KM: The last time YouTube made me cry was watching Dr John Henrik Clarke speak about Marcus Garvey. I was overwhelmed with pain for a great man that was abused and mistreated because he wanted to better the state of blacks globally. It is scary to think a system exists that wishes not to see all people live with human dignity and respect.

EL-P: When the two guys raised the lion and then set the lion free but they missed the lion and they visited it in Africa and the lion was now king of his tribe and had a wife and children but he recognised the two guys and ran up and hugged them and licked their faces. I wept like a baby.

On Kanye West/the biggest rockstar in the world:

Banksy: When Kanye came to the UK recently, he played on a dairy farm and declared himself the greatest rock star in the world. Does he have any competition for that?

EL-P: Absolutely not.

KM: Kanye is amazing and may be the greatest rock star in the world but Rihanna is the new Tupac (in feminist form), and as much as I love rock, ain’t nobody do it like Pac! Ri-Ri rules in my book.