Gangrene – “The Last Great Disgrace” (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2015

Hey you! Yeah, you! Chances are, you may have totally slept on Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No)’s nutty, macabre You Disgust Me album – what with a steady stream of albums flooding the market the past few Fridays.

And if that’s the case, it’s best to utilize any down time you may find yourself with and get familiar with the duo’s outré project, brimming with their trademark, outlandish and funky selection of mind-bending beats.

In Gangrene’s bugged-out visual short, titled “The Last Great Disgrace”, the duo visit Staten Island’s Willowbrook State School – “a state-supported institution for children with intellectual disability.” The sinister music is set to eerie video footage shot by Jason Goldwatch, as well as additional visual pieces culled from the world’s worst journalist, Geraldo Rivera, and his 1972 documentary of the same name. It’s on some American Horror Story type shit.

Be sure to cop You Disgust Me out on iTunes now.