Soul Khan – “Soulstice 5”

blame it on Meka August 25, 2015

Look who’s decided to show back up to the party.

It’s been a long time since Soul Khan has been heard from (in January 2015, a video of a song he previewed – during a performance back in September 2014 – was released), as one of the more notoriously underrated New York emcees (and former battle rappers) took an extended hiatus from rap to focus on the finer, more important things in life. However, that familiar itch he gets from the pen can never be fully scratched, and now he has made he formal return with the fifth installment of his “Soulstice” series.

Using Julia Kent’s “Intent” for his canvas, Khan goes off for an uninterrupted three minutes spitting so much heat that an oven door couldn’t hold it back. As a bonus reading lesson, he’s included the lyrics for the fans’ perusal as well. Get into it below.

If my throat could hit them notes, I could have been Wanye
I feel as though I’m at the Silverdome to lift Andre
Soy muy Rico, but never been suave
I eat a pound of uncooked rice and spit sake

So folks asking where’s soul at
It’s been a whole year, he dropped no tracks
But they don’t ask why my bones jabbed
against my skin or why I ain’t playing phone tag

Well, my phone had this notepad
And this notepad had a note that
I wrote that lists the pros and cons
of taking my life with my own hands

What a rochambeau to the gonads
not to beat a dead horse to the bone fragments
But I learned that being my own man’s
more than just not being my old man

Where the hell you been?
If I told you, then you’d Bellevue me
This what happens when you tell Truman
You stealth view him
Ain’t started from the bottom but I fell through it

You said
that my pen is a gift
Well, so was Elliott Smith’s
So that don’t help me a bit
If they find my body with a belt looped
Around my neck ’cause I ain’t get my wellbutrin

Back then thought I’d get that milli
I guess that’s just that Sendak in me
’cause now I’m more grown up than Kev and Winnie
But I ain’t blown up yet like Wedge Antilles

I don’t do it for delf
I’mma spread that Philly
Friends and family gotta spend that with me
Step back give me a little room to exist
’cause I ain’t moving an inch
Brought a bedpan with me

Need a day to myself like Rex Manning
Because I’m up to a my neck as that Redman image
On Dare Iz a Dark and I’m scared if I stop
Everywhere that I walk is a dead man’s ceiling

And a pump action up in the trunk can’t fix it
Got the funk, can’t fib it
Y’all are just fan fiction
Got one hand gripping on the rug that’s lifting
Under from them slipping with their stunt mans ‘n em

This is not a come back
I’m just Todd Smith
On his Mama Said Knock shit
Y’all get ungiven fucks and crickets
Tell your cut man this’ll be a blood baptism

You’d say he’s the best
If I beat my chest
’til no beats are left
Can I decompress?
Life isn’t gonna sleep a sec
Similar to white sniffers with a cheap connect

What’d you do on your worst day?
You soul searched
What’d you get for your birthday?
Two ulcers
You poachers move closer
And my reaction’ll turn your kneecaps to coasters

Came outta my coma
Hard to kill
So y’all gon’ feel
Like the player on my poster
Getting dunked on
If you’re thinking I’m wrong
You can take it up with BOFA

Gotta deal with them salty feelings
Like Kel with the L that he caught from Kenan
Ghost got him with gospel reading
I chose the om shanti and nostril breathing

I fought my demons since Ra’s Al Ghul
And y’all can see it in the way I grew
So I could never be the Pepe La Peu
Type to say I do and then say adieu

What deja vu!
Is that a face I knew?
Wait, ain’t I you?
Are you an A.I. too?
‘Cause you say sky, and they say cielo,
But that doesn’t mean that it ain’t azul

I got a way with words
Sometimes that’s how i got away with words
The kind that stains the earth with blood
And that ain’t something that entertainment’s

Nobody owes me their forgiveness
But I hope that you know that I’m listening
When you say that if you were gone
Nobody would notice the difference
but you’re so wrong