Jay Rock Sits Down With ‘The Breakfast Club’

blame it on Shake August 27, 2015

With 90059 on the way, Jay Rock sat down with The Breakfast Club to play catch up. Starting with the delay of his highly-anticipated album, Rock explained that real life took over…

“I have a life outside of music too. I always had a thing – just take care of family. And doing my own thing on the side. But at the same time I had to get all them problems out the way. Little trials and tribulations. But now I’m back… It was like the music I was doing, I feel like I could go harder than what I was doing before. And that’s what I been doing, just staying locked in and working on my craft. And that’s what it’s about. Getting better. It ain’t about going backwards. It’s about moving forward.”

The original TDE soldier also spoke on the influence of N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton, the concept of his “90059” video, making it out of the hood (the main theme on 90059), working with Busta Rhymes, the success of TDE, and more.

Check out the 25 minute interview above, and if you missed it last night, press play on “Easy Bake” with Kendrick Lamar. 90059 is coming soon, and since most artists plan their New York promo run around their album, it’s looking like that September 4th release is more fact than fiction!