IshDARR – “Somebodies”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 28, 2015

This summer, IshDARR has started to blow up, capitalizing on the upbeat, turn-up-able nature of songs like “Sugar” and “Too Bad” off Old Soul, Young Spirit. The bouncy, melodic qualities of the song are the perfect mix for radio play and greater success, but the Milwaukee native has more talent than simply that. His latest cut, ‘Somebodies,” is evidence, where he brings mellow, hungry flows over Canis Major production.

The theme of wanting to be somebody at the end of the day is not unknown in the music world, but IshDARR brings a sense of eeriness and anger to the thought that people doubt him. IshDARR tries to weave through the fakes and newfound fame before threatening, “don’t test us.” Him and his Cream City Motion are ready to take over.

Listen to “Somebodies” below.